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Monday, July 22, 2013

"Before we contacted CAGD, we were using a big corporate web system and our monthly charges were just getting extreme. A one time programming setup fee to Chris Alford Graphic Design and they were able to reproduce a very similar online web presence and offer greater content control with an extremely simple to use online admin system that we could manage in house. We were shocked as CAGD made it so simple without all the monthly hassle expense. We highly recommend them"

- Faye Matthews, Liston/Lancaster, PLLC - Attorneys At Law


"CAGD worked hard to give us a very professional image that they were able to incorporate throughout our letterhead, advertising, and display booths. We really feel that Chris' hard work has paid off for us and brought in new customers thanks to such great looking professional designs."

- Executive Appraisal Services, Gulf Coast Property Real Estate Appraisals


"We have been very pleased with the new logo that Chris Alford Graphic Design created for us. We use it on letterheads, informational pamphlet, library patron cards, our website, and many other publicity items produced by the library system. It gave us a crisp new image and branding for the library system. The website that Chris Alford designed for us has vastly improved our ability to reach our community and provide information and resources for library patrons - 24 hours a day. Chris created a website that allowed staff to have administrative control to create events, publish flyers, and create links to other websites and resources. We are extremely happy with the look and the functionality of the website."

- Jenniffer Stephenson, Director, Greenwood-Leflore Public Library System,


"MSAAA needed a complete new logo identity and online web presence with database administration abilities that we could manage and change as needed. Chris Alford Graphic Design was able to produce a great vintage inspired logo identity for us and custom build an online web presence that did everything that we needed. This is something we use daily and it has empowered us to feel tech savvy now thanks to CAGD."

- Vicki Morgan, Executive Director, Mississippi Agricultural Aviation Association


"I was surprised when I saw what CAGD did for me. I asked myself.. HOW did he do that? Chris has helped my marketing company on various projects. We have been able to share our own clients and they completely respect these existing relationships. CAGD has always worked well with the boundaries we requested and gladly recommend them in any business to client relationship."

- Leon Clark, APWD Marketing in California


"Thank you Chris for all your hard work. We appreciate the Gold Addy Award as well. This award is the first prize that we ever won from Mississippi! Are you sure that they know we're Yankees?"

- Carl Phillips, Interlude Home, NYC


"We've had a long trusted relationship with Chris Alford Graphic Design. They have created several custom online projects for us over the years from online schedule system, model gallery to full website that features all of our cosmetic products and services. Chris made it very easy for us to administer and update everything ourselves which has been great."

- Amy Head, Amy Head Cosmetics,


"We were very pleased with how well Chris was able to generate a new professional identity for and produce a very easy to use website that we could administer. We can quickly and easily add Agents, Advertisements, Testimonials, Resources, and connect them to our potential customers"

-, Florida's Panhandle Distressed Property Online Source


"Chris Alford Graphic Design was able to design and build an online identity that fits our growing needs perfectly. Through a custom admin we are able to update Training and Events, Director Information, Important PDF Documents, Member information, and other critical areas. This admin is very user friendly and allows a novice computer user with common sense to update the site with ease. S.T.O.R.M. ( Sobriety Trained Officers Representing Mississippi ) is a law enforcement group of 1,300 officers designed to train and combat against injuries on MS roadways involving alcohol and other substances as well as increasing usage of safety belts and child restraint devices. We had a website for several years and never got use out of it until Chris Alford Graphic Design built us a new website to meet our specific needs. This website is now the foundation of our organization as it gives us the ability to fully communicate with all our members."

- Rob Banks, Webmaster, Sobriety Trained Officers Representing Mississippi ( S.T.O.R.M. )


"When we decided to develop, Bridgewater Fine Arts, your help was invaluable. You were able to nail the exact look we wanted and build all the support materials. It was key in helping us reach our goals and to convey to our customers that we had truly made the transition to an upscale Fine Art Company. Thank you for all your help."

- Charles Polandick, Director of Product Development, Bridgewater Fine Arts

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