About Chris Alford Graphic Design

Every since grade school when my teachers found out I was good at drawing, coloring, and building things - they quickly put me to work. In my spare time at school, I was updating the teacher's bulletin boards and bringing library characters to life for our school librarian. During High School that continued as well as being voted the Art Club President and winning a few scholastic art awards and blue ribbons during that time as well - thanks to a great art teacher. Immediately after college, I went to work for one of the oldest Advertising Agencies in Mississippi and learned valuable information that allowed me to hone my design abilities into a great rounded service. After working 10 years at this agency and reaching a senior management position as Art / Web Director it was my job to meet clients, manage and produce.

Today, I am the principle figure behind CAGD, since beginning in 1998, and continue to speak and work directly with my clients to produce what they need. Our projects also continually win top awards on any competition we have cared to enter. If you have a graphic design project that we can help you with then contact us today.

Growing up the youngest of three children can have it's advantages and disadvantages. One of the great things it taught me was how to think and take care of myself against larger competition. You learn to study hard and know that even the smallest details can make a big difference in outcomes.

Graduating high school with Top Honors and then receiving a Computer Programming / Information Management Degree at College set the stage for my early business experience. I went on to work in corporate settings for the next 12 years and became the senior MIS director for the Nation's second largest corporate producer in it's market. My corporate job required that I understand the small details and complexities of that business and write custom programs and/or offer system upgrade solutions that would keep it's computer systems running perfectly.

At the request of my husband, I joined him at CAGD to fulfill a need for our growing business. We love to take complex things and make them simple for the end user to manage and utilize on a daily basis. Let us know if we can help you with your next project.